Fees Information

Dr Paul Goonan - Fees Information

The fee for your anaesthetist is separate from all other fees associated with your surgery such as hospital, surgeon, pathology, radiology etc.

Medicare and health insurance funds provide a rebate for part of this fee. However, in most cases, these rebates do not cover the full cost of the anaesthetic fees. The difference between the fee charged and the rebates received is known as the ‘gap’ or ‘out of pocket expense’. The out-of-pocket or gap portion cannot be claimed for. This is because Australian Government legislation and private insurance company regulations prevent patients from insuring against the full cost of medical fees.

The out of pocket amount will vary depending on the duration and complexity of the operation, your health fund and your level of cover.

The rebate paid by health funds, varies significantly between the different insurers and is related to the specific policy arrangement between you and your insurer. We recommend you check with your health fund, prior to surgery, to ensure you have the appropriate level of cover. Some insurance companies, such as, HBA, HCF, BUPA (MBF) and NIB unfortunately only offer reduced rebates and therefore the out of pocket costs, if you are insured by these health funds, are greater. Click here for more information on why 'gaps' exist and how rebates can vary depending on your health insurance.

Uninsured patients or Medicare ineligible patients will have greater out of pocket expense and will be required to pay the full fee prior to the day of surgery. Click here to contact our office.

To ensure you are fully informed, well in advance of your surgery, we strongly recommend you contact our office. Even if you do not have a definite date, we will be able to provide you with an estimate of fees. Please note that the estimate given will be on the planned surgery or procedure and it being based on the usual duration. Changes in surgery or time will affect the final anaesthesia fee.